One of the best parts of being a salesperson is making your pitch or advocating your products and services.

It’s fun, and sometimes it’s exhilarating.

There are moments in the presentation that I can visibly see myself closing the deal with the clients.

My heart would be beating wildly!❤️

The more skilled you become in navigating the sales conversation with your client to make a decision, the more it will become natural.

You will communicate the essence of your message to the core of your being. You are in the moment like Roger Federer making his moves in Wimbledon grass courts. You will become grounded and confident in how you carry yourself and drive the conversation to a close and gaining mutual agreement with your client to kick off with that $100M deal.

Okay now you get that "in the moment feeling", let's talk about making that grandslam.😊🏆

In qualifying, we developed a “mutual understanding” with the client as reasonably as possible. We understand what is essential for our clients to achieve, their desired results, and their resources—money, time and people.

We have also done a great job of understanding their overall business, and the foundation of trust and relationships is in place.

Now we want to win this business!

There are two critical things to winning deals consistently.

First Step :

Don’t present your solution until you are ready and have ticked all the boxes of a winning opportunity profile. And more importantly there needs to be a mutual understanding with your client that you are working together to enable a decision.

Don’t pitch your solution until you are ready.

Many salespeople present to open rather than present to close. They are so excited about their solution and features that they propose at the very first opportunity. And often, they guess what will convince the client, and they often present to people who are not authorized to say yes.

They always miss their sales numbers because of wrong sales forecasts.

When we present our solution, the objective is to have everything and everyone necessary for a decision together in the same place and at the same time.

You present, and the client decides.

If the client cannot decide, you presented too early.

Remember before you present…

  1. You have qualified your client’s opportunity profile and resources they are committing, which is time, people and money. And you can articulate their decision process.
  2. You are presenting in person to the right people with an agreement to make a decision.

Second Step

Present in Person.

The bad thing about formal proposals is that people need to read them. They are often too long and poorly written, mostly templates from old proposals. Clients will often skip reading everything and go straight to the pricing section.

As a general rule, do not present in writing what you could present in person.

What is the benefit of presenting in person?

  • You get immediate, powerful feedback and avoid miscommunication. (I remember that series of email questions with clients that became a disaster. It is so easy to miscommunicate!)
  • Presenting in person will allow you to hear the tone, emphasis and pace of language. Remember your EDISC? And you will be able to see nonverbal cues and adapt your presentation.
  • If something is not working for the client, we can explain or change it and react to new developments, challenges and directions.
  • Create a mutual understanding of minds. It’s hard to do this on paper.
  • We can conclude with a decision or know what it will take to have one.

Next week let’s break down how to present in person and manage the conversation, with scripts and templates.

It’s the end of the month and the financial year here in NZ, and most salespeople are in crunch time to get their numbers.

So I salute you, Elite Sales Athletes!

You are heroes! Remember, you bring revenue and growth to your company.

So give yourself a pat on the back!

Take care and see you next week,


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