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Writing this week's newsletter took me a while because the topic is quite complex.

Last week I asked a few of you what would be a great topic to deep dive into. This question caught my attention,

"How to speak with Authority? Even when you might not know everything"

But I want to step back and understand why we want to be authoritative.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines

Authority is the "power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behaviour".

So really, our aim is to influence people with our thoughts and ideas in a manner that builds confidence and trust so that they will open up to us.

In Professor Hawkins's teaching of Personal Power, he cited that

"To carry true authority in your being is embodied in how you enter a room, how you greet another, and also in how you hold your experience open as a resource for others while not imposing it on those who do not ask".

Using Authority to gain initial attention may be effective in opening doors, but it alone cannot foster lasting relationships or bring about real change. We all know that overusing or constantly referring to one's Authority can negatively impact others and make others question why you must continually promote yourself.

Let me share with you an effective and practical model I learned during my coaching certification with Professor Hawkins on building trust and connection.

This model has helped me, other executive leaders and their teams develop their influence and leadership internally and with clients.

The API model explains how you can create an impact with clients and how to use influence and power in your partnership with individuals, teams and organizations.


Authority is who you are now and what knowledge you have. What you have achieved and experienced.

But rather than seeking to impose one's Authority, creating Presence can bring meaningful connections that foster mutual respect and understanding.


Presence is the ability to be fully present, immediately develop rapport, and build trust and relationships.

Imagine, in your first meeting with your client, you can create a safe space for them to be open, trust you and share their challenges with you?

How powerful is that?

Having a meta-awareness of oneself and others—comprising thoughts, feelings, actions and intuitions—facilitates this process by allowing us to maintain composure while providing the conditions for our clients to feel comfortable engaging with us.

Presence, therefore, encourages genuine interactions, leading to greater trust and deeper rapport with your clients or prospects.


Creating impact is about creating a shift in commitment and actions to go forward in the sales process. This can be a Yes or No. The important thing to remember is to enable you and your clients to make the right decisions.

People with high levels of impact can shift the direction of a meeting, conversation or event. They can intervene in a way that shifts or reframes how issues under discussion are perceived and addressed. And their clients to say "Hey, you made me think about that!".

How can you open new possibilities and connect opportunities not previously realized?

How do you bring fresh thinking and perspectives to the conversation?

Quick Tips:

  • Speak slowly. Being rushed shows you are nervous.
  • Be genuinely curious about the other person.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Talk Less. Less is more.
  • Be clear not clever.


The first step to your Personal Power is self-awareness.

  • Consider how you show up when you are working with your clients. Imagine yourself in your client's shoes – how would they see you? Describe in one word what would they feel after meeting you.

Make a few notes.

  • Seek feedback from your trusted peer or manager. Ask them the following question:
    • How do I demonstrate knowledge and experience?
    • How do I engage people at a personal level? Do I create warmth through eye contact and positive language?
    • Do I stay attentive and listen on the spoken and unspoken?

Write your thoughts on the feedback you receive. How can you develop your presence?

Let's continue the conversation

Join me on the 23rd of March 2023.

If you want to:

➡ Learn how to create connections and build rapport

➡ Speak with confidence and presence to build trust

➡ Create a positive impact in the first meeting and actions to move forward

Then I'd love to see your face next Thursday. 😊

Have a great weekend!



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